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Stick Azemad Goalkeeper CARBON

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Goalie Stick Azemad KEEPER CARBON

Size: 102 cm

Material: 100% Fibre

Blade: Long e perforated, 90º curvature

Handle: Thin

Player Profile: Agile Goal Keeper

Benefits: Balance and Agility

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The lightness Technology!

The Carbon model features an unique and exclusive innovation on the market, a perforated blade technology which allows for both reducing the overall weight and further balancing out the stick, becoming easier to handle and increasing the Goal Keeper´s agility and dexterity.

The innovative 100% composite stick, brings together agility and resistance, strategically and carefully executed perforation technology, keeps the quality and durability standards, coming across as the ideal model for those Goal Keepers whom like to resort to the stick as their main way of intervention in the game.

Like all AZEMAD sticks developed for goalkeepers, the handle is adapted to fit the glove and avoid spacing between the stick and the ground when placed on the floor, becoming the main differentiating feature, as to why field player sticks should not be used in the goal position.