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Stick Azemad COMPACT Plus

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Stick Azemad COMPACT Plus

Size: 102cm

Blade: 90º curvature, with inner reinforcement and without out coating.

Handle: Thick

Hardness: Flexible

Player Profile: Balanced players

Benefits: Stability and Sensitivity

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High end Sensitivity!

The COMPACT family models have their main feature in the blade. The 90º curvature doesn´t have an outer coater, but is reinforced internally, leaving the exposed wood for greater sensitivity to ball contact. The blade´s geometry is thicker allowing for higher damping.

The Plus model has a thick low density lightweight shaft, without compromising the stick balance point. Thanks to its thick and wide geometry it offers a terrific feeling of balance and surer grip handle.

The Compact Plus offers greater firmness regarding handling and balance given its increased geometry both on shaft and blade, so it slightly reduces dexterity, but increases stability. Suitable for those who like feeling control over the game, on every stage without sacrificing ball sensitivity.