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Stick Azemad SPECIAL

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Stick Azemad SPECIAL

Size: 102cm

Blade: 90º laminated wood blade curvature and fibre coated

Shaft: Thin

Hardness: Rigid

Player Profile: Balanced player

Benefits: Comfort

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Commitment to comfort!

The Special model features a thin and hard shaft, keeping that balance between its slimmer geometry and high density wood. The narrower geometry offers a more manoeuvrable grip, as its greater rigidity allows for superior feeling of safety. It´s ideal for those that look for a middle ground between grip comfort, technical dexterity and the power the stick transmits.

The laminated 90º curvature blade from the AZEMAD family, remains as the players leading choice, offering a traditional geometry adapted to modern playing style.  

The feeling of comfort offered by the AZEMAD Special grants a great balance between all of the stick´s characteristics, like technical dexterity, stability, precision and power, making it one of the most accepted models by hockey players.