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Stick AZEMAD Magic

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Stick AZEMAD Magic

Size: 102cm

Blade: 90º curvatura, madeira laminada com revestimento a fibra

Shaft: Thin

Hardness: Rigid

Player Profile: Technical Player

Benefits: Magic (Technical Dexterity)

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Magic in your hands!

The Magic MS model was developed in partnership with player Marlene Sousa, who wanted to put of her technique and magic in her stick. Inspired in the Olympics Rings, this stick offers all of the complicity between the player and sports, along with Rink Hockey.

It´s a very comfortable stick made with a thing shaft, in order to offer a more manoeuvrable handle, ideal for technical players that enjoy dribbling and dazzling an audience. With a 90º laminated wood curvature, it’s a traditional geometry blade adapted to modern playing.

This stick was developed to let the Magic happen. AZEMAD´s professional sticks may vary from the models shown, as they are adjusted to the player´s liking and requirements.